You can designate your pronoun(s), or how you should be referred to in place of your name. Selecting pronoun(s) is entirely optional and easy to do online.

How can I designate or update my pronoun(s)?

  • You can designate or update your pronoun(s) on the first page of the Enrollment Form, completed at the start of each semester.
  • After the open period for the Enrollment Form has closed, you can complete the online Student Biographical Change Form for designating or updating your pronoun(s).

Where are pronouns displayed?

  • Class rosters in Polaris and Canvas
  • Student profile in Polaris
  • Rosters of majors & minors in Polaris, available to academic departments
  • College's online directory when viewing the directory on the Bowdoin network (unless you choose not to display your pronoun(s) in the directory)

You can make your directory display selection for pronouns on the Enrollment Form, on the last page of the form. If you select pronoun(s) for yourself, the pronoun(s) will display on class rosters, major & minor rosters, and in your student profile, regardless of your directory display selection.

Pronouns for any student will not be available to those viewing the directory outside Bowdoin's network.