Artistic and Scholarly: A Semester of Faculty Achievements

By Bowdoin News

From research that informed published articles and resulted in distinguished invitations to performances and works of art presented for public appreciation, faculty members complemented their campus instruction with scholarly and artistic contributions in myriad ways during the fall semester.

Germán Cárdenas, assistant professor in design for theater and dance, designed the set for The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa FastHorse performed at Bates College’s Gannett Theater.

Senate House MS1, depicting Edward the Black Prince as a devout Christian knight, kneeling below an image of the Holy TrinityVisiting Assistant Professor of Art History Kathryn Gerry received a residential fellowship from the School of Advanced Studies at the University of London, which enabled her to spend several weeks in the UK this summer working on a book exploring a group of thirteenth-century illuminated manuscripts.


Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Jennifer Honeycutt has published a theoretical review paper on the use of rat ultrasonic alarm call playback to study anxiety.

Professor of Theater Abigail Killeen played scheming Goneril in Compagnia de' Colombari's workshop of King Lear at the TornPage Studio in New York.

Golgi ELMO1 binds QUA1, QUA2, GAUT9, and ELMO4 and is required for pectin accumulation in Arabidopsis


Bruce Kohorn, Bowdoin’s Linnean Professor of Biology and Biochemistry, played a lead role in a PLOS ONE journal article describing a step in plant cell wall synthesis and how the enzymes involved are organized.


Works by Professor of Art Michael Kolster were in the exhibition The Shape of Time: 16 Photographers and Their Creative Paths through January 16, 2024, at Ucross Foundation in Clearmont, WY. Works by Kolster were also part of a photography exhibition curated by Bruce Brown at Cove Street Arts in Portland, which ran Dec. 2–Jan. 13.




Professor of Asian Studies and English Belinda Kong’s upcoming book, SARS Stories, delves into the cultural archive of the 2003 SARS pandemic, spotlighting Chinese-language creative works and social practices of community, care, and love at the epicenters of the outbreak in China and Hong Kong.


Assistant Professor of Psychology Abhilasha Kumar won an National Science Foundation grant for a project that hopes to improve our understanding of how we search memory and how computational modeling can be applied to clinical measures taken.

Adam Levy, Bowdoin’s Viola Ward Brinning and Elbert Calhoun Brinning Professor of Mathematics, has published the graduate-level textbook Optimal Control: From Variations to Nanosatellites and made significant revisions and updates to his textbook The Basics of Practical Optimization, Second Edition.

Classical pianist Gulimina Mahamuti, a member of the applied music faculty, performed as part of Duo Mundi George & Guli with Robert Beckwith Artist in Residence George Lopez at two DEI celebration concerts in New York City—“Uncommon Women: A Musical Salute to Women Composers” and “Loisaida, My Love.”

maps of average annual probability of transition to one of the land management interventions, courtesy of Erik Nelson



Associate Professor of Economics Erik Nelson has coauthored the paper “Estimating the Impact of Critical-Habitat Designation on the Values of Developed and Undeveloped Parcels” in the journal Land Economics. 

Nelson is also an author of a Nature article showing that natural climate solutions (NCS) can cost-effectively flip California from a net carbon source to a net carbon sink by 2050.


Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology Erika Nyhus will host a symposium at Bowdoin next summer on perceptual expertise, gathering a group of prominent cognitive neuroscientists studying visual object recognition. Nyhus will also be chairing a symposium and presenting her research at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual meeting on the neurocognitive mechanisms of mindfulness.

Professor Theater Davis Robinson appears in a small role in director Alexander Payne’s new movie, The Holdovers, which opened nationwide in November.

Professor of Education Doris Santoro joined the Thinking in the Midst podcast for a conversation about philosophy’s place in the lives of working teachers.

Associate Professor of Romance Languages Carolyn Wolfenzon has been appointed to the UC Mexicanistas steering committee in recognition of her work regarding Mexico.

Jean Yarbrough, Bowdoin’s Gary M. Pendy Sr. Professor of Social Sciences, was invited to participate in the Caledonia Fellowship in Edinburgh, Scotland, sponsored by Common Sense Society, and addressed fellows on themes of civic friendship, partisanship, and faction.