Bowdoin’s diverse and state-of-the-art music facilities provide students with the chance to immerse themselves in everything from Bach to beat-boxing..
Providing plentiful rehearsal rooms, three official concert spaces, two recording and electronic music studios, instruments for loan, and a library to support all intellectual pursuits, all music students’ journeys are fully supported at Bowdoin.
Studzinski The Chapel is a central point for culture at Bowdoin. Built in the early 1850's, the building has great acoustics and holds an immense amount of history.

Studzinski Recital Hall, the main concert hall, is a premier concert hall at Bowdoin and throughout New England. Originally built in 1928 as the Curtis pool building, Studzinski went through a massive transformation to become the monument it is today.

The Chapel
Gibson Hall building
Gibson Hall is the central location for everything music at Bowdoin. Within Gibson Hall are faculty offices, the Tillotson room, the Beckwith Music Library, electronic music labs, the Gibson Lounge, and several practice rooms.
Beckwith Music Library
With state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, the Tillotson Room is used by the Department of Music for larger classes, small concerts, and ensemble rehearsals.
Electronic music labs The Gibson Salon, or Gibson Lounge, located inside of Gibson Hall is one of the classiest student lounge on campus. Students use the salon as a favorite place to study, relax, or catch up with friends.

Beckwith Music Library is home to sound recordings, performing scores, private listening stations, and many other music reference materials. 

Tillotson Room
The Electronic Music Labs, located in Gibson Hall and Studzinski Hall, offer state-of-the-art technology for recording, sound sampling, and digital editing as part of the Electronic Music or Audio Recording Techniques courses, or for independent studies.
Gibson Salon