2017-present: Patricia Jones (faculty, Bowdoin College)

2017: Ed Minot (faculty, Massey University)

2016: Don Dearborn (faculty, Bates College)

2008-2015: Damon Gannon (faculty, Bowdoin College)

2000-01, 2004-08: Bob Mauck (faculty, Kenyon College)

1987-2003: Nat Wheelwright (faculty, Bowdoin College)

1979-1980: Peter Cannell (Bowdoin ’76, American Museum of Natural History graduate student)

1953-1988: Chuck Huntington (faculty, Bowdoin College; absent 1979-1980)

1952: Edgar Folk (faculty, Bowdoin College)

1950-1951: Al Barnes (Bowdoin ’49)

1946-1949: Raymond Payntor (Bowdoin ’47, Yale graduate student)

1942-1945: none (no summer program because of WWII)

1940-1941: James Blunt (Bowdoin ’40)

1939: Charles Ruckstuhl (MIT graduate student)

1935-1938: Bill Gross (Bowdoin ’37, Harvard graduate student)

Note: From 1935-1953, Bowdoin Biology Professor Alfred O. Gross held the position of director, although he spent relatively little time on Kent Island.

Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones
Nat Wheelwright
Nat Wheelwright (left)