Each summer, one or two Bowdoin students receive Kent Island fellowships to connect science, climate change, and conservation to other ways humans experience the world—through the visual arts, creative writing, music, and dance.

The student artists live alongside the scientists and professional artists-in-residence at the Bowdoin Scientific Station, seeking inspiration from the work of those around them and from living in a beautiful and wild spot. 

The writing and art that comes out of students' stays at the station also serves as another way to communicate the island science to the public.

Exhibition at Saint John Arts Centre in New Brunswick, Canada

In 2010, five former Kent Island artist-in-residents—Elsbeth Paige-Jeffers ’10, Colin Matthews ’10, Carina Sandoval ’10, Anne Rothacker ’11, and Evan Graff ’11—were invited to display their work at the St. John Arts Centre in an exhibition called Island Bound

The show was organized by photographer Peter Cunningham, whose father, Bob, worked on Kent Island for many years as a cloud physicist and fog specialist.