1990-present: Russell Ingalls

1990-2018: Mark Murray (Bowdoin '75) is on-island caretaker (except 1996-1999 and 2002-2003)

1982-1989: Bob Tate

1962-1981: Myhron Tate

1959-1961: Sydney Guptill

1956-1958: Harry Green

1952-1955: Rex Harris

1936-1949: Ernest Joy

1930-1935: Allan Moses, Ralph Griffin

Note: During the first fifteen years of the Bowdoin Scientific Station, Lester Tate (Myhron’s father and Bob’s grandfather) was mostly responsible for boat transportation and major carpentry. The exact years that Harris, Green, and Guptill were caretakers have not been confirmed. 

Mark Murray
Mark Murray '75