Definitions of Evaluation Ratings

Ratings for Essential Functions

  • Exceptional Performance – Contributions have tremendous and consistently positive impact and value to the department and to the organization. May be unique, often one-time achievements that measurably improve progress toward organizational goals. Easily recognized as a top performed compared to peers. Viewed as an excellent resource for providing training, guidance, and support to others. Demonstrates high level capabilities and proactively takes on higher levels of responsibility.

  • Exceeds Expectations – Consistently demonstrates high level of performance. Consistently works toward overall objectives of the department and/or organization. Demonstrates high levels of effort, effectiveness and judgment with limited or no supervision. Achieves valuable accomplishments in several critical areas of the job

  • Successful/Meets Expectations – Consistently demonstrates effective performance. Performance is reflective of a fully qualified and experienced individual in this position. Viewed as someone who gets the job done and effectively prioritizes work. Contributes to the overall objectives of the department and/or the organization.

  • Needs Improvement/Inconsistent – Performance meets some of the job expectations, but does not fully meet the remainder.

  • Not Meeting Expectations – The quality of performance is inadequate and shows little or no improvement. Knowledge, skills, and abilities have not been demonstrated at appropriate levels.