Employee Separation

When an employee announces his or her intent to leave employment at the College, it is critical that the supervisor complete the termination in Workday as soon as possible.

Timely processing of the termination provides the employee, as well as various departments, with information they need to facilitate the departure (e.g., terminate access to rooms and buildings, collect outstanding library resources, adjust benefits and advise of COBRA rights, etc.).  

To process a termination of employment, collect a resignation letter from the employee and then log into Workday. Navigate to the My Team worklet and choose the option to Terminate. Choose the employee who is terminating and follow instructions available in Manager Self-Service, under ‘Terminating an Employee’ (in Workday), to complete the termination. Make sure to upload the resignation letter to the employee documents.

For additional guidance on what needs to be done when an employee ends employment with the College, review the Leaving Employment policy in the Employee Handbook and contact Human Resources with questions.

Voluntary Resignation Checklist for Managers