College Volunteer Policy and Forms

Bowdoin College supports the use of volunteers to support programs and extracurricular activities at the College. 

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers work under the supervision of, and at the request of, administrators and staff.

Prospective volunteers who will work directly with students must complete an application form and confidentiality agreement. For purposes of this policy, examples of such volunteers would include, but not be limited to, an advisor to a student club or a volunteer working with a sports team. Reference and background checks will also be performed for all such prospective volunteers in accordance with College policy. Failure to complete the volunteer paperwork, or submit to a background check, will remove a prospective volunteer from consideration. The Vice President of Human Resources, or their designee, in consultation with the supervising staff member, is authorized to use their discretion to decline an application or terminate the services of a volunteer if one fails to submit completed paperwork, derogatory information is received through the background check in accordance with standard background check procedure, or it is determined to be in the best interests of Bowdoin College.  

The supervising staff member is responsible for giving volunteers a clear understanding of the duties, procedures, and expectations necessary to perform their assignments.

All volunteers who are approved to work with students and/or in support of college programs are expected to comply with the following requirements:

  1. Volunteers shall attend any required training sessions provided by Bowdoin College.
  2. Volunteers will work with students under the supervision and direction of staff.
  3. Volunteers shall perform only such duties and tasks specifically approved and assigned by an administrator or supervising staff member.
  4. Volunteers must keep all student and staff information strictly confidential. Volunteers may not access, review, disclose or use confidential student or staff information without specific authorization from an administrator. This requirement applies even after a volunteer stops performing services for Bowdoin College.
  5. Volunteers will conduct themselves in a professional manner and comply with all applicable policies, rules, and directions from college personnel.
  6. Volunteers work without any promise of compensation or future employment.
  7. Volunteer assignments are for up to one year. Those who return in subsequent years may be asked to complete a Volunteer Information Form and re-sign an Agreement.

Please submit the following forms to Human Resources: