Off-Campus Study

The German department encourages all German majors to study in Germany or Austria. Studying in a German-speaking country is the best way for students to become literate in the language and gain a better understanding of the culture. 

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Approved Programs

Student Experiences Abroad

Casey Krause

Casey Krause

Freiburg, Germany

"I'll always have the happiest, most vivid memories of Freiburg: [it] was the perfect mix between a young, university town and a picturesque German village nestled in the countryside, and I quickly fell in love. It was also Freiburg that first sparked my interest in questions around refugee resettlement and integration. I was living there in the midst of the European refugee crisis and between the frequent travel warnings, students protesting in the streets and the refugee container I walked by everyday on my way into the city, it was almost impossible to avoid such topics. When I returned to the U.S., I felt compelled to explore these same questions in my home country, and spent that following summer working with Somali-Bantu refugees in Lewiston, Maine. I am now working on a honors project on German literature that picks migration as a central theme. Following graduation I hope to continue in this line of work as a Fulbright Diversity Fellow, teaching English in Germany to students of refugee and migrant descent." - Casey Krause '17