Departmental Prizes

The German department also awards departmental prizes to those who have demonstrated excellence in the study of German.

Old Broad Bay Prizes in Reading German

The income from a fund given by Jasper J. Stahl '09, Litt.D. '60, and by others is awarded to students who, in the judgment of the department, have profited especially from their instruction in German. The fund was established as a living memorial to those remembered and unremembered men and women from the valley of the Rhine who in the eighteenth century founded the first German settlement in Maine at Broad Bay, now Waldoboro. (1964)

German Consular Prize in Literary Interpretation

This prize was initiated by the German Consulate, from whom the winner receives a certificate of merit and a book prize, in addition to a small financial prize to be awarded from the income of the fund. The prize is awarded annually to the senior German major who wins a competition requiring superior skills in literary interpretation. (1986)