German Major

The major consists of eight courses.

Required Courses
GER 2204Intermediate German II: German History through Visual Culture (or the equivalent)1
Select seven additional courses. Of those:7
One course taught in English may be taken from German 1000–1049 or German 1151–1159 or German 2251–2551; or a course taught by German faculty in other programs may be substituted for this requirement upon prior approval.
The other courses (or all of the seven courses) must be taken from German 2205–4052.

All majors are required to do coursework with the department in their senior year; the configuration of this senior work must be determined in direct consultation with the department. This consultation takes place prior to registering for the fall semester of the senior year, which for some students means before they depart for study away. Normally, senior work includes two courses at the 33xx level. Prospective majors, including those who begin with first- or second-year German at Bowdoin, may arrange an accelerated program, usually including study away. Majors are encouraged to consider a number of study-away programs with different calendars and formats.

German Minor

Required Courses
GER 1102Elementary German II1
Select any four courses.4
two courses in the language (German 2203–2289 and German 3300–3999)
up to two may be taught in English (German 1000–1049, German 1151–1159, or German 2251–2551)

With advance departmental approval of the transfer credit, any number of courses from another college or university may count toward the major or minor.

Additional Information and Department Policies

  • Courses that count toward the major or minor must be taken for regular letter grades (not Credit/D/Fail) and earn a course grade of C- or better.
  • First-year writing seminars taught by German department faculty count toward the major and minor.
  • Students may engage in independent study at the intermediate (2970–2979) or advanced (4000–4051) level. Independent studies, including honors projects, may count toward the major.
  • If taught by a German faculty member and pre-approved, majors and minors may double-count one course with another department or program. 
  • Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate (AP/IB): Students who received a minimum score of four on the German Advanced Placement exam receive a general credit toward their degree, normally no credit to the major or minor, after completion of a 3000-level German course with a minimum grade of B-. Students who took the German IB exam should consult the department regarding credit. Regardless of earned scores, all students are expected to take the placement exam. In order to receive credit for AP/IB work, students must have their scores officially reported to the Office of the Registrar by the end of their sophomore year at Bowdoin.

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