Marine Laboratory

Student in the marine lab

The lab is continuously supplied with natural and sand-filtered seawater from Harpswell Sound, allowing researchers to maintain a diversity of marine life in up to thirty large tanks. Researchers using the lab are able to investigate whole organisms, single cells, or even single molecules.

A NSF grant is enabling us to build on our capability to control and monitor temperature, pH, and oxygen in real-time in these units. This allows for physiological research on warming, ocean acidification, and hypoxia, as well as keeping animals in optimal growth conditions.

We have additional experimental tanks for larval and biomechanics work, and recently added a low-temperature incubator, used for culturing arctic or tropical phytoplankton. Our dry lab classroom includes the tools necessary for microscopy, sample preparation, and molecular biology. Feel free to contact us to discuss how the lab and waterfront can support your research objectives.

Visit the list of equipment available for use at the Marine Lab.

Contact Heidi Franklin to inquire about use of the marine laboratory.