Jaret Reblin

Affiliation: Biology
Laboratory Instructor in Biology

I am a broadly trained ecologist and have experience teaching and conducting research in a wide array of different fields ranging from ecotoxicology to animal and plant ecology and natural history to terrestrial and aquatic biogeochemistry to plant ecophysiology.  Currently, my research explores stress physiology in higher plants.  Specifically I study how biotic and abiotic stressors act together and independently to influence photosynthesis and water relations in plants.  In the classroom, I specialize in teaching research-based, investigative laboratories with emphases on ecology, natural history, ecophysiology, general biology, and quantitative skills development.  In recent years, I have taught laboratory courses in Plant Ecophysiology, Forest Ecology and Conservation, Community and Ecosystems Ecology, Behavioral and Population Ecology, and Introductory Biology among others.

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Curriculum Vitae

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