Jaret Reblin

Associate Director for Science

I am a broadly trained ecologist with experience conducting and managing research in a wide range of different disciplines within the natural sciences. My current projects include: 1) studying productivity and ecosystem function in urban/suburban wildlands with an emphasis on the use of proximal sensing to estimate plant primary productivity, 2) understanding the combined influences of biotic and abiotic stressors on the physiology and health of coastal forested ecosystems, and 3) describing the seasonality of primary productivity in evergreen forests across the northern hemisphere. In the recent past I have also conducted research in animal and plant ecology, terrestrial and aquatic biogeochemistry, ecotoxicology, and conservation management planning. My work has involved collaborations with scientists from both international and domestic colleges and universities, scientists from federal and state organizations, non-governmental organizations, local governments, and community members.

In the classroom, I specialize in teaching research-based, investigative laboratories with emphases on ecology, natural history, ecophysiology, general biology, and quantitative skills development.  In recent years, I have taught laboratories as a part of the Bowdoin College Marine Science Semester which includes the courses Benthic Ecology, Ocean Change Ecology, Current Topics and Research in Marine Science, and taught laboratories as a part of the Plant Ecophysiology, Forest Ecology and Conservation, Community and Ecosystems Ecology, Behavioral and Population Ecology, and Introductory Biology courses taught at Bowdoin College.

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