Health and Wellness

You're at your best when you feel happy and healthy.

There's so much to do at Bowdoin. Between keeping up with your class work, meeting new people, attending campus events, and participating in clubs and sports—it's important to remember to take care of yourself.

Many students are living away from home for the first time, so whether it's staying on top of a runny nose, managing your stress levels, attending to your sexual and social health, staying physically active, or getting spiritually grounded, we're here to help.

Health Services

Student Health Services is committed to promoting the health and well-being of the Bowdoin College community by providing quality primary care and educational outreach services. Our approach is comprehensive and holistic and emphasizes health promotion, disease prevention, and individual self-advocacy. Our goal is to foster wellness, in the broadest sense, within the College community as a whole, and for every individual member.

The polar bear does some yoga at the Buck Center.Student Wellness

Wellness, lifetime sports, and meditation at Bowdoin are intended to promote and educate one’s personal well-being. It is our goal to provide physical and social opportunities conducted in an educational and safe atmosphere.

The Wellness Center offers an array of yoga, Tai Chi/Qigong, and meditation classes throughout the week. Seminars, workshops, and retreats are offered in the evenings and weekdays to educate students about a range of mind/body/spirit-oriented practices that include information about acupuncture, massage, reflexology, Chinese Medicine, and integrative medicine approaches to health and well-being.

Counseling Services

Talk with a pro. Counseling Services promotes students’ psychological and emotional well-being, within a safe, confidential environment, through a full range of psychological support and consultation services. Read more 

Spiritual Life Advisors

Bowdoin College welcomes students of all religious, spiritual, and ethical backgrounds. The Rachel Lord Center for Religious and Spiritual Life supports several religious student organizations and also offers programs for all students to explore spirituality and seek spiritual wellbeing. The staff and advisors are available to provide spiritual and ethical support to all students. In addition to the many spiritual offerings available on-campus, students also connect with a wide variety of off-campus congregations located in the greater Brunswick/Portland area. The Rachel Lord Center, located in Ladd House (14 College Street), is furnished with a kosher/halal kitchen and a wudu wash station. Additionally, our campus is home to several sacred spaces that students can use to support their religious & spiritual practices.


Bowdoin's athletic and intramural programs offer a wonderful complement to students' academic experience. The expansive program operates thirty-one varsity teams, several club teams, an active intramural program, and multiple classes for fitness and lifetime sport.

The Bowdoin team spirit has never been in doubt.

But our athletic facilities have improved quite a bit