Bowdoin College Dining is consistently recognized for having the "Best College Food", as rated by the Princeton Review.

Great food is important to us because we spend so much time sharing meals together.

Our dining halls, pub, grill and cafe also serve as impromptu study areas, rehearsal spaces, and conference rooms. 

It’s easy to eat well at Bowdoin.  

All our meals are made from scratch by a staff of talented culinary professionals who are dedicated to providing our community with the highest quality food. Fresh, local, and seasonal, Bowdoin Dining provides a variety of healthy choices with a diverse and changing menu. Our ingredients are carefully sourced to enhance the quality and taste of our meals.

We have an in-house butcher shop that prepares freshly ground, local, grass-fed beef for our menu entrees. You can’t get much fresher than the vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are grown in the Bowdoin Organic Garden.  Additionally, we source local produce throughout the year from nearby farms and vendors. We bake most of our desserts, muffins, and breads in our own bake shop, and ensure that only the best ingredients are being used.

Current Students and Families

This page is just an overview—for specifics, please visit the Dining Services Office » 

Our dining halls offer vegan and vegetarian options,  wide-ranging salad bar options, and nut-free and gluten-free refrigerators. Our menu items are labeled for the presence of common allergens. Our in-house registered dietitian, Susanne D’Angelo Cooley is available to support specific student needs.

Check out the Bowdoin Organic Garden.

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