Digital Resources and Publications

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Digital Resources and Publications

We love visitors to the museum—whether you’re in town for the afternoon, or looking for a quiet place to study for finals. But you don’t have to be on campus to take advantage of our many resources.

Online Collections

Explore the Museum's entire permanent collection (over 20,000 objects) online. The online database features new and expanded search capabilities, with over half of all entries accompanied by images.

Publication Archive

Beginning in the nineteenth century and continuing today, the Bowdoin College Museum of Art engages in an active and varied publishing program. Museum publications are available through the Digital Commons at the Bowdoin College Library, for both reading on-line and downloading. Explore the collections, exhibitions, and history of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, one of the earliest academic art museums in the country.


An online space showcasing original student research and creative projects that engage the Museum’s collections and resources.


A digital resource available for the Bowdoin Community for sharing and exploring museum objects curated for classes. ePackets are curated by faculty and BCMA staff for specific classes and provide additional images and data associated with art objects that exists the BCMA databases. In addition to basic object information, Bowdoin students and faculty can explore exhibition histories, scholarly commentaries, and previous object labels. 

Resources for the Assyrian Reliefs

Interactive resources, library materials, news, publications, and other resources related to the Museum's reliefs.


Cratylus is a mobile application that gamifies the tagging of works in the Bowdoin College Museum of Art which will make our collections more searchable and accessible.


Interviews, presentations, and highlights prepared by BCMA.