Our Faculty and Staff

Urban Studies Minor Advisors

Rachel Sturman Headshot

Rachel Sturman

Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies, on leave for the spring 2023 semester

Contributing Faculty

Crystall Hall Headshot

Crystal Hall

Associate Professor of Digital Humanities, Director of Digital and Computational Studies Program
Jim Higginbotham headshot

James Higginbotham

Associate Professor of Classics on the Henry Johnson Professorship Fund, Curator for the Ancient Collection, and Chair of Classics Department
Ann Kibbie headshot

Ann Louise Kibbie

Associate Professor of English, Director of Cinema Studies Program
Brian Purnell head shot

Brian Purnell

Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History, Chair of Africana Studies Department
Robert Sobak Headshot

Robert Sobak

Associate Professor of Classics, on leave for the 2022-23 academic year

Department Coordinator

Image of Polar Bear because image of person was not supplied

Marybeth Bergquist

Academic Department Coordinator, Philosophy and Middle Eastern and North African Studies