Urban Studies Minor

Students interested in urban studies should contact Jill Pearlman, senior lecturer in environmental studies.

Requirements for the Minor in Urban Studies

Urban Studies minors should have an understanding of cities as taking diverse forms across time and place, and as involving distinctive structures, infrastructures, cultures, politics, and modes of social life. While students will likely gravitate toward a particular disciplinary approach, those completing the minor will have exposure to the historical development and transformation of cities; the social and political problems of urban life; and the history, planning, and design of the built environment.

The minor consists of five courses.

Required Courses
Choose one introductory survey course from the following:1
ENVS 2444
City, Anti-City, and Utopia: Building Urban America
HIST 1321
Gotham: The History of a Modern City
HIST 2346
Cities of the Global South
SOC 2202
Cities and Society
One humanities course or one social science course listed as Urban Studies, depending on the discipline of the Introductory Survey. If introductory survey is in the humanities, the student must complete a social science Urban Studies Course. Students who take a social science introductory survey must take a humanities course. c2
One non-US based course listed as Urban Studies c1
Two electives listed as Urban Studies c1

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