Research and Honors Projects

Summer 2021 Urban Studies Minor Research Projects

Salina Chin headshot

Salina Chin '23 

Faculty Mentor: Theo Greene
Award: Gibbons Summer Research Program
Project: Mapping LGBTQ+ Portland

This research project centers around LGBTQ+ people and how they create community using “LGBTQ+ places” in and around Portland, Maine.

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Lily Tedford headshot

Lily Tedford '22

Faculty Mentor: Professor Jill Pearlman
Award: Surdna Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program
Project: Manifestations of Medievalism in the Modern City 

My project focused on examining the use and misuse of medieval aesthetics and images in various urban spaces: real or imagined, physically or descriptively.

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Lola Motley headshot

Lola Motley '22

Faculty Mentor: Professor Jill Pearlman 
Award: Cooke Environmental Studies Research Fellowship
Project: Portland, Maine and the Affordable Housing Crisis

I sought to investigate the relationship between singlefamily zoning and affordable housing as a potential solution to the current housing crisis.

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Rubin Jones headshot

Rubin Jones '22

Faculty Mentor: Professor Jill Pearlman
Award: Hughes Family Summer Research Fellowship
Project: Building Character: An Historical Analysis of the “Genius Loci” and its Contemporary Manifestations

The first half of my summer research examined the idea of the genius loci (spirit of place) and how its usage has evolved over time.

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Honors Projects Related to Urban Studies — AY 2021-2022

Lily Tedford '22
Honors Project In Fiction Writing
Place-based Writing and Urban Fantasy
This honors project is for Lily's English major and is related to her Urban Studies minor