Upperclass Housing

The College offers a wide variety of housing ranging from singles to apartments with full kitchens.

Housing Options

Each residence hall has the following:

  • Furnishings: The college provides the following for each student: 
    • Twin bed, extra long (36" x 80")

      • Park Row Apartments only: full size XL beds (54" x 80")
      • Harpswell Apartments only: full size bed (53" x 75")
    • Desk w/chair

    • Dresser

    • Closet/wardrobe

    • Bookshelf 

  • Television: Television services are provided through Xfinity on Campus and delivered through your laptop, mobile device or Roku.
  • Computer Connections: All buildings on campus have high-speed wireless internet access and wired internet ports are located in each student room.
  • Safety: All college-owned student residences are equipped with sprinklers and alarmed for fire safety. 
  • Access: Each has a card access system. Residents of a specific residence hall have 24/7 access. All other students have access from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
  • Parking, Laundry, and Bicycle Storage: Each hall has access to these amenities but the specifics vary by hall, see the specific building below for more information. 
    • Parking: Upperclass students must register their vehicles with Security to park in designated student lots. You can learn more about student parking on the Security parking website. 
    • Laundry: There is no charge for washer and dryer use. To see what machines are open, get alerts sent to you when laundry is finished, or report a problem with a machine at any time, visit Automatic Laundry.
  • General Storage: Bowdoin does not provide storage over the summer or during the year. There are multiple private storage facilities are available locally, many of which offer pick-up and delivery.  Many students share storage units to keep costs down. For more information regarding storage options in the area you can search the web “storage Brunswick Maine.”  Additionally, Friends of Bowdoin offer storage to students on a first-come first-serve basis: look for postings in the Student Digest for more information. 

Building Specifics