Off-Campus Housing

An inclusive and dynamic residential community is a central element of the Bowdoin experience. All first-year and sophomore students are required to live on campus. However, due to fluctuations in enrollment numbers and changing on-campus capacity, the College does allow a limited number of juniors and seniors to live off campus. These students typically live in houses or apartments in close proximity to the campus that are neither owned nor managed by Bowdoin.

Students who wish to live off campus for the 2022-2023 academic year must meet all of the qualifying criteria and adhere to the instructions that follow in order to be eligible to participate in the off-campus housing lottery.

Important note: Students should not sign an off-campus lease until they have received final approval from the Office of Residential Life. It is a violation of College policy to live off campus without prior approval. Simply signing a rental agreement with a landlord does not guarantee that a student will be released from College housing. Signing a rental agreement in advance of being released is also a significant financial and legal risk, which is borne solely by the student and/or parents/guardians.

The Office of Residential Life, in conjunction with the Office of the Dean of Students, reserves the right to deny any student permission to live off campus if it is deemed that living off campus may negatively impact the student or the Brunswick community.