First-Year Housing

Welcome to Bowdoin! The Office of Residential Life (ResLife) plays an integral role in any Bowdoin student’s experience, and this is especially true during the first year.

ResLife is a central hub of campus life that fosters individual student growth, community engagement, and leadership development in the first-year bricks, houses, upperclass residences, and across Bowdoin. 

All first-year students will live in one of eight first year residence halls, also known as “bricks,” on the central campus. Each floor of these eight buildings has an upperclass student proctor and one upperclass student RA. Proctors live on the floor with first-year students, while RAs live in upperclass housing and collaborate with proctors to best serve the floor. Proctors and RAs are role models trained to serve as community builders, administrators, and mentors for Bowdoin’s community.

Housing Basics