Job Descriptions and Compensation Project Resources

The College is due for an in-depth, externally conducted review of job titles, groupings, and job descriptions to ensure our practices remain equitable and up to date. To support our effort in these assessments, we have engaged Segal to perform a comprehensive compensation study that will look across all benefits-eligible administrative and support staff.

Providing a package of wages and benefits that is among the very best in Maine remains a top priority for Bowdoin. Yet as we emerge from the pandemic, job market dislocations locally and nationally have made it unusually difficult to gauge where the College stands competitively while the dust in the labor markets continues to settle.

Goals of the study  

The study will focus on three areas as we work closely with senior officers and stakeholders across campus. These include:  

  • Market competitiveness. Develop appropriate comparison markets for benchmarking, assess salaries and benefits in relation to the benchmark at the employee or department level, and recommend where our compensation should be relative to that data.  
  • Consistency:
      • Examine existing salaries and identify any adjustments needed to ensure equity between those in similar roles, those with similar scopes of responsibility, and across gender and race.
      • Develop a framework for the standardized assignment of job titles, job groupings, and pay grades that is uniquely relevant to Bowdoin but also reflective of the broader higher education market and other industries, if relevant.
  • Sustainable processes. Develop processes that are reasonable to implement and maintain.  

Project timeline  


The work involved in this study is extensive and will take several months to complete. We anticipate having the benchmarking study finished by early 2024 but the implementation of other aspects of the study may take longer.

Some next steps include:

  • Job description analysis for administrative and support staff  
  • Gathering salary daa from comparative institutions and markets
  • Training for supervisors to ensure a consistent process over time

We are thrilled to embark on this project and thank you for your continued dedication to Bowdoin. Questions? Please reach out to Cassie Christie.