From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin

Annual Giving

The From Here campaign is full of big ideas, and it has big financial goals to match.

“This is not a video about putting your check in the mail.”

Make your campaign gift

Teona Williams

“Bowdoin needs people from all backgrounds in order to be such a vibrant place and to teach what it truly means to live in a global society. I donate to Bowdoin, even on my little income—I want to make sure that someone like me can always go there.”

—Teona Williams ’12

But in order to reach our $500 million goal by June 2024, we need $78 million of that total to come from increased annual donations to our four critical funds: the Alumni Fund, the Parents Fund, the Friends Fund, and the Polar Bear Athletic Fund.

These funds form the foundation of Bowdoin’s operating budget, but they also measure alumni engagement with the College, which factors into our national rankings and influences decisions for grant-making organizations.

Feeling competitive, U Bears? Bowdoin’s percentage of alumni who give back has consistently been the envy of our peers, but with this campaign we’re aiming even higher. With such a loyal and engaged community, we know Bowdoin’s participation rate can be at the very top of all colleges and universities.

So, if your annual contribution doesn’t feel like it can make a dent, know that every gift raises the value of your Bowdoin degree and makes an immediate difference to the students and faculty who depend on it.

Consistent Commitments

From Growth to Groovy to Green

In celebration of 100 years of the Bowdoin Alumni Fund, enjoy these Bulletin covers from the 1960s and 1970s.