From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin

Comprehensive Aid

Being need-blind is critical. It doesn’t always go far enough.

“This is not a video about getting a degree.”

“Some man or woman invested in Bowdoin with the thought that maybe the investment might pay off—because some kid too poor to go might do something good for himself, and for his family, and for their community.”

President, Harlem Children’s Zone

Geoffrey Canada speaks at Bowdoin's AF/AM/50 Celebration in November of 2019.


Make your campaign gift

Bowdoin’s financial aid packages factor in costs beyond tuition, room, and board—they also estimate costs for travel and books, for example. There have always been specific needs met by funds here and there, and alumni throughout Bowdoin’s history have told stories of the large and small gifts that opened a door for them or that offered support when it was critical.

So this type of additional need is old. But it is also new. The needs of today are different, systemic, and more complex—when digital engagement is a given, a laptop is not a luxury.

As our community has become more diverse in all ways, we are enrolling more students who are gifted and capable, but whose options for experiences we consider essential—the opportunity to study abroad, or prepare for the MCAT, or even share their commencement day with loved ones—can be significantly constrained by the financial circumstances of their families.

We can do something about this.

A commitment to a $35 million comprehensive aid endowment will allow the College to bridge this gap and help provide all of our students with a Bowdoin experience, and not just a Bowdoin education.