From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin

Career Exploration and Development

It’s a refrain that has been a part of the College long before any of us set foot on campus: a Bowdoin education gives students the tools to become leaders in all walks of life.

“This is not a video about jobs—meaning the paycheck, the day-to-day.”
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The From Here campaign will raise $37 million to offer students the opportunities and resources to land their first great job, and to build a career that surges and sails and soars.

The jobs of today cross boundaries between disciplines, and demand the thing that Bowdoin has done so well for centuries: teaching students how to think, not what to think. Visual artists find fulfilling work at Apple; English majors study medicine; and Bowdoin biochemists run global nonprofits.

Summer internships—once a rare opportunity—are now a necessity.

An undergraduate professional internship has become an essential qualifying activity to gain access to postgraduate jobs. The largest portion of career funding, $25 million, will enable every aided student to receive a grant for at least one summer internship.