From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin

Academic Programs

Our academic reputation is the number-one reason students choose Bowdoin. This campaign will raise $83 million to support the teaching and learning that bolster our impact on the world.

This is the promise of an enduring and transformative liberal arts education—built on the traditions of personal learning, disciplinary knowledge, and continuous faculty innovation.

This campaign is our chance to show the world that Bowdoin will always double down on the power of the liberal arts. We will work to hone our curriculum for a changing world—as we've done for hundreds of years—in areas that include interdisciplinary scholarship, global perspectives, and quantitative and digital literacy.

Faculty Support
Faculty and students work together in small classes - a hallmark of a Bowdoin education.

The largest portion of academic campaign funding, $30 million, will create faculty chairs and endowed leadership positions, including five for existing faculty and five for new hires in areas of curricular priority.

In order to attract and retain the best faculty across disciplines, we must continue to provide these scholars, performers, and artists with research funding, professional development, travel support, and the opportunity to experiment and collaborate across disciplines and focus areas.

Curricular Innovation
Enhancing the Bowdoin curriculum to prepare students for a digital world.

A Bowdoin education has always emphasized connections—between ideas, disciplines, fields of thought, people, and moments in time. As shifts in technology, the environment, and culture create waves of change in our society and in our global economy, workers and leaders who make these connections have never been more essential.

To be a critical thinker in the twenty-first century is to navigate well in a data-rich world. Raising $20 million will enable the academic program to prepare for the evolving intellectual and ethical challenges that face our students and graduates in the changing world ahead.

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“This isn't a video about books and papers, or even software, or devices.”
Museum of Art
Students study on the steps of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

The Bowdoin College Museum of Art is more than simply a museum. It is a cultural hub, an interdisciplinary teaching facility, a hands-on learning lab, a repository for primary research materials, and an enduring source of inspiration.

The campaign will provide $20 million in new endowment, to ensure that the Museum remains forever an active partner in the education of Bowdoin students in their study of art, history, literature, theater, philosophy, languages, and other disciplines.

Liberal Arts in Action