How to Cite

Definition of Citation

Citation requires crediting and providing information, using a standard format, for any sources used in a paper or presentation. This enables any readers of your paper to track down your original sources.

What to Cite

Exact words or specific ideas from…

  • Books, magazines, journals, movies, plays, TV, web pages, music, newspapers
  • Personal conversations and correspondence
  • Presentations, speeches
  • Illustrations, diagrams, charts, pictures, etc. 
  • Collaboration with classmates

Citation and Style Guides 

Scholars use a variety of different styles of academic citation, using footnotes, endnotes or in-text citations and presenting information in a variety of different forms. These styles of academic citation vary by discipline and department, and your professor may ask you to use a particular citation style in your written work. The details of these different styles can be found in style guides. Use the links below to find guides arranged by title, discipline, and by academic department preference.  And remember to consult with your professor if you have any questions.

Need Help Formatting a Citation?