Student Complaint Process

If a student has a complaint against a faculty or staff member, visit Student Freedom from Discrimination Harassment.

This Student Complaint Process applies to alleged violations of College policy. This policy does not apply to interpersonal conflicts, disputes, or difficulties. It also does not apply to administrative actions or processes taken by the College.

If a student has a complaint regarding another student, except for the reasons listed above, the following process will apply:


Bowdoin College requires that students first make every effort to informally resolve a complaint or concern between one another. Students may request a referral to the Program for Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution in order to address interpersonal conflicts.

If a student complaint or concern is not resolved, they may pursue the process outlined below.


To submit a formal complaint, please contact the Dean of Students

In most cases, the Dean of Students will refer the matter to the Office of Safety and Security, a report may be generated, and the matter may be addressed by the Student Disciplinary Process.