Recruiting Guidelines

Recruiting Policy

Bowdoin College complies with applicable provisions of federal and state laws that prohibit unlawful discrimination in employment, admission, or access to its educational or extracurricular programs, activities, or facilities based on race, color, ethnicity, ancestry and national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, marital status, place of birth, genetic predisposition, veteran status, or against qualified individuals with physical or mental disabilities on the basis of disability, or any other legally protected statuses.

Approval of any opportunity post and recruiting program is at our discretion.

We will only post jobs that are appropriate for our students and recent graduates; we do not post jobs that interfere with the regular academic calendar. The following positions will not be approved: brand ambassador jobs, jobs that require students to pay a fee or make an investment upfront, and opportunities from third-party recruiters or promoters, even on behalf of the hiring entity.

Job Offer Policy

We ask that employers give students at least two weeks to consider an offer, starting from the time the student receives a written outline of the position and offer. We further ask that employers do not require the students to make a decision before November 1 of the hiring cycle. The exception is for a student returning from a summer internship with an offer. In that situation, we ask employers to give students until October 15 to make a decision.

We follow the NACE Reasonable Offer Deadline Guidelines, which asks employers not to put undue pressure on students.

On Campus Recruiting Agreement

We request that the employment practices of our recruiting partners be consistent with that of the College’s, acknowledgement and confirmation of which via completion of this form is required for participation in on-campus recruiting programming. 

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