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Get advice from our experienced advising staff about the industries that most interest you.
CXD’s goal is to first help students define their interests, skills, and values. Then, we provide the industry know-how to pursue the careers of your choosing. Explore the wide range of career fields that our advisors are prepared to help you navigate and secure.

Arts and Creative

Careers in the arts and creative fields are dynamic, purposeful, and rewarding. Whether you pursue music, studio art, dance, theater, fashion or design--or you pursue art administration or museum and gallery work, CXD can help you get there.
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Each year, nearly 30% of Bowdoin graduates pursue careers in business. But what the heck is business? CXD can help you decipher which roles and industries best match your skills, interests, and values.

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From classroom instruction to higher education administration to corporate training and development to coaching and tutoring, education is one of the most popular career fields that Bowdoin students pursue.
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From Bowdoin’s commitment to carbon neutrality, reducing waste, and providing a multidisciplinary approach to environmental education, it is no wonder that so many students choose to pursue careers in the environmental sector after graduation.
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Finance and Insurance

Whether you want to invest in new businesses or help a client plan for retirement, finance and insurance are wide ranging and rewarding sectors. Bowdoin graduates possess both the analytical and communication skills to thrive in finance and insurance.
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Whether you want to treat patients, conduct clinical research, manage a healthcare organization, develop healthcare policy, or conduct public health—CXD can help you define your path in healthcare.
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From developing and improving new products, to helping tech companies achieve business goals, to thinking about safety and ethical use of new inventions and services, Bowdoin graduates thrive in the tech sector.
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