Government, Law, and Policy Careers

Bowdoin has a long history of alumni entering government and other public service sectors, working in law and entering policy career paths.

While many alumni eventually pursue a graduate or professional degree, the majority work for at least a year or two before doing so. CXD can help you pursue internships, fellowships, jobs and advise about graduate and professional school.

Employers in these all these fields look for evidence of strong written and verbal communication, critical thinking, analytical and research skills. Leadership, initiative and engagement with the world around you are important attributes. Demonstrating your interest in these fields through coursework, internships, volunteer work, and positions in student organizations can help prepare you. Some internships may be unpaid, so become familiar with the variety of Bowdoin funding for summer internships. Connect with the community of Bowdoin alumni who want you to succeed! Most are happy to speak with you about their career paths, the skills you will need to qualify for internships and entry-level jobs and tips for your search.

Meet Alumni

Bowdoin Alumni discussing their work in think tanks.