Business Careers

Each year, nearly 30 percent of Bowdoin graduates pursue careers in business. So, what is “business”?

People who work in business help to set business goals and strategies, create products or services, promote, sell, or support the products or services, or provide the administrative support for the business to operate. Others who work in professional services organizations offer outside advice to businesses on how they can perform better.

These business roles exist across industries, including: technology, healthcare and biotech, financial services, agriculture, consumer products, food and beverage, sports and leisure, beauty and fashion, real estate and construction, energy and environment, telecommunications, retail, aerospace and defense, automotive, media and entertainment, and more. 

Bowdoin students develop the communication, critical thinking, and analytic skills to succeed across business roles and industries. Recent Bowdoin alumni have pursued leadership development rotational programs, professional services, sales, marketing, customer support, data analyst, human resources positions, and more. Graduates have accepted positions at large firms like Accenture Strategy, Bloomberg, eBay, and IBM, niche firms like Artisan Healthcare Consulting and Suffolk Construction, and high-growth companies like Attentive and WEX.

Sample Career Paths

Set Organizational Goals and Strategy: Corporate strategy and planning, internal consulting, internal mergers and acquisitions

Create Products or Services: Market research, user experience, product design or development, manufacturing, quality control

Promote, Sell and/or Support Products or Services: Marketing, brand management, pricing and promotion, sales or business development, customer or product service

Provide “Back Office” Support for the Business to Operate: Human resources (e.g., recruiting, talent development, diversity and inclusion), corporate branding and responsibility (e.g., public relations, corporate philanthropy, ethics, corporate sustainability), corporate finance, internal audit, data analysts/scientists, information technology

Advise Businesses on How They Can Operate More Effectively (Professional Services): Management or strategy consulting, financial advisory (e.g. M&A, restructuring, capital raising), advertising and public relations firms

Meet Alumni

Jean Hoffman '79, chairman and CEO of Putney, Inc., shares key advice on finding a job and succeeding in business.