College House System

Part house, part home base.

Established in 1998, today’s eight College Houses are a cornerstone of the Bowdoin residential experience. Sometimes referred to as the “living rooms” of campus, the houses sponsor special meals, study breaks, and other events for first-year affiliates. Whether or not you choose to live in a College House during your Bowdoin years, you are always associated with one based on your first-year residence, which means you always have a built-in home away from home.

Bowdoin phased out fraternities in 1997—a difficult and impactful decision that ultimately helped to build a stronger community and make everyone on campus feel more welcome. Eight fraternity houses were renovated and converted into inclusive, shared housing for upperclass students, who take on the shared roles of event planner, mentor, and host.

The houses are responsible for planning events that help first-year students to get more involved and meet people outside of their own class year. Events include everything from lectures and film screenings, to apple picking trips and registered parties.

You'll also be a member of your house community long after you graduate—the College Houses are some of the most popular party hosts during Homecoming and Reunion Weekends.

"To count Nature a familiar acquaintance, and Art an intimate friend—"

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