Health and Well-Being

As we all adjust to this new way of doing everything remotely, it is important to take steps to support your health and well-being so that you can remain actively engaged with your learning.

The Healthy Mind Platter

The Healthy Mind Platter helps organize your day to best optimize brain matter and create wellbeing. What does balancing the following seven aspects of your life look like for you?

 The Healthy Mind Platter. focus time, play time, physical time, time in, down time, and sleep time

Focus Time

Set aside some deep focus time and choose a goal to accomplish during this time.

Play Time

Allow some time for play or creativity, enjoy experiences.

Connecting Time

Make time to stay connected with others whether within your space or remotely.

Physical Time

Find some way to get your body moving. Dance around your space, load up an exercise video, or go for a walk or run if possible.

Time In

Have some self-reflection time to check in with yourself.

Down Time

What activity lets your mind rest and be nonfocused? A new series on Netflix, a computer game, drawing, or listening to music?

Sleep Time

Get sleep. Sleep lets your brain recover from the day and the learning that took place. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep is vital to academic success.

The Healthy Mind Platter, 2011, David Rock and Daniel J. Seigel, MD