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The Bowdoin College Museum of Art offers faculty and students the unique opportunity to curate exhibitions in the Becker Gallery, a space dedicated to projects that connect Museum collections to the academic life of the College. Faculty and student exhibitions are developed in collaboration with BCMA staff and remain on view for approximately six weeks during the academic year.

For faculty, Becker Gallery exhibitions offer an opportunity to pursue research on an important theme, historical moment, work of art, or artist. Many faculty include students in this work by integrating the exhibition into a semester-long course, offering a wealth of research and writing projects for students to pursue. BCMA staff will facilitate repeated class visits to the Museum to study objects in person, provide sustained engagement with works of art, and give insight into the curatorial process. The Museum also welcomes ideas for public programming, including tours and guest speakers, as a way to further enliven Becker Gallery shows.

Becker Gallery exhibitions also provide an avenue for individual students (or student groups and organizations) to work closely with curatorial staff and a faculty sponsor to develop a project that might relate to an experimental idea, academic interest, or specific subject matter. As with faculty-generated exhibitions, students will work to identify the theme, select works, plan the layout, write gallery texts, and brainstorm public programs related to the academic and social life of campus.

Faculty- and student-curated exhibitions require advance planning of several months, so please contact us as early as possible to learn more. Curatorial staff will collaborate with you to develop an exhibition concept, choose appropriate works of art, edit and produce gallery texts, and design and install the exhibition.

Those interested in submitting an application can contact BCMA Curator Casey Braun ( with any questions.

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