Resources and Opportunities

With its state-of-the-art facilities, variety of funding opportunities, and visiting artists, the Department of Visual Arts encourages students to explore new ways to improve their work.

The Edwards Center for Art and Dance

The Visual Arts department is housed in the Edwards Center for Art and Dance. The single location enables faculty and students engaged in dance, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, architecture, printmaking, woodworking, and digital media and design to work together under the same roof, creating a cohesive arts community and numerous new opportunities for artistic synergy.
McKee Grant

Visiting Artists

The Visual Arts department periodically invites nationally renowned artists to exhibit their work at Bowdoin. In addition to presenting their work, visiting artists also train students in their area of expertise. Due to this valuable opportunity, students are exposed to new techniques and mediums in art.



Student Grants

The College and the Visual Arts department offer a multitude of grants, fellowships, and awards that help students explore new and interesting subjects and concepts in the Visual Arts. Recently, the Visual Arts majors and minors have been incredibly successful in receiving support for their various research projects. 



Visiting Artists