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Cassie Rodrigues

Cassie Rodrigues

Class of: 2010

Location: Augusta, Maine

Cassie is a graduate from the class of 2010 from New York City, and was a visual arts and neuroscience double major at Bowdoin. Initially unsure of what she wanted to do after Bowdoin, she worked as an artist in Portland, Maine and New York City. She started talking with the office of Health Professions in fall of 2011, at which time she also started doing psychiatric epidemiological research and taking classes at Columbia University to fulfill premed requirements. While applying to medical school, Cassie continued to work as an artist in NYC. She was accepted to the University of New England's College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2013, and graduated with her DO in 2017.

More About Cassie

She has come to love the osteopathic approach to medicine and how it takes the entire person into account. She is currently a Family Medicine resident at Maine-Dartmouth Family Practice in Augusta, Maine. The Office of Health Professions Advising helped her fine tune her personal statement, assemble letters of recommendation, and most importantly made her aware of Osteopathic Medical schools. Seth Ramus also provided numerous pep talks over the phone and in person during the trying application process.