Visual Arts Endowment Fund

The Visual Arts Endowment Fund is available to support creative, professional experiences for students majoring in Visual Arts, including internships, residencies, fellowships, workshops, studio apprenticeships, and other hands-on immersive experiences.

Resources for finding opportunities include but are not limited to the following:

Summer 2023
Monday, April 10th
Application Deadline
Wednesday, April 19th
Awardees Announced


Preference given to Visual Arts majors.


The Visual Arts Department reviews applications and selects 1-2 recipients based on available funds and relevant applications. Selection criteria includes the proposal’s effective articulation of how the proposed experience will significantly enhance the student's development within the arts and the feasibility of funding the opportunity. Proposals should be as detailed and clear as possible.


Awardees are required to:

  • Submit a summary of your experience and web-ready photographs for use within the department.

Application Process

Please submit the following materials for consideration:

  1. Narrative proposal, no more than 1,500 words in length, outlining:
    • description of your proposed opportunity (including duration and scope of the experience)
    • how the experience will significantly enhance your artistic development and career/personal development
    • description of any relevent experience and/or skills you possess that will drive success within this new experience
  2. Proposed budget, as detailed as possible, outlining the requested funding.
  3. A link to an online portfolio of 10 images (Picasa, Blogspot, Flickr, etc.) of your work.
  4. PDF of your unofficial academic history from Polaris.
  5. Recommendation letter from a faculty member outside the Visual Arts Department.

Applications that fail to include all required material will not be considered.

Email applications to the Visual Arts Department Coordinator ( by 5:00 pm on the application deadline.