Databases for National Fellowships

University of Chicago's Scholarship Opportunity Database. Search a general list of national fellowship opportunities.

University of Illinois database of grants and fellowships for graduate students. Search by field, citizenship, stage of study, award type, and eligibility.

Stanford Haas Center’s Fellowships, Internships and Service Programs (FISP). Search for public service opportunities for undergraduates, graduating seniors, and recent graduates.

Teaching Opportunities (other than Fulbright). Compiled by Laura Clippard, Middle Tennessee State University.

Scholars for Development (scholars4dev). International scholarships specifically for people from developing countries, people who would like to pursue development-related fields, and people who seek global and national development through further education.

Peace and Security Options. This document, prepared by fellowship advisor Laure Pengelly Drake of the University of Montana, lists a number of fellowships, internships, and networking opportunities related to peace and security issues.

New York Foundation for the Arts. NYFA Source lists over 12,000 awards, services, and publications for individual artists and art professionals.  Select “Resources” from the top of the home page, then click on “NYFA Source.”  User can search by category of interest.

National Fellowships for Non-US Citizens. Compiled by members of the National Association of Fellowship Advisors. 

National Fellowships for LGBTQIA+ students. Compiled by Judith Zang, Director of National Scholarships at University of Pittsburgh.

Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC). Resources for undocumented students. 

National Fellowships for Undocumented Students. More resources for undocumented students.

Immigrants Rising. Resources for undocumented young people, including lists of scholarships and fellowships.

Florida State University's Office of National Fellowships - fellowships by identity