The remote and pristine location of the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island, several miles off the mainland in the Bay of Fundy, offers students a rare chance to live with few distractions while focusing on scientific or artistic pursuits.

Each summer, students are awarded fellowships from Bowdoin to engage in scientific field research on the island. Additionally, a few students receive fellowships to work at the station as artists-in-residence who focus on creating works of art or literature that engage with and communicate the science at the station. All the fellows live alongside Kent Island directors Patty Jones and Ian Kyle, as well as international researchers and graduate students who come to the scientific station to do their own research.

Blueberry Researcher on Kent Island
2024 Summer Fellowships

Program Dates for 2024: May 26–July 27

Application: January 15, 2024

Fellowship Announcements: Early February, 2024

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On Kent Island

Patty Jones, director of the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island

“Kent Island is more than a scientific research station—it is a place where art and science inform each other. This intersectionality is central to our mission as a liberal arts college, because it brings students from different disciplines together.”
Patricia Jones walking with student
Kent Island sunset