Patients Rights and Responsibilities

Health care is a cooperative effort between patient and providers

You have the RIGHT:

  • to be treated with dignity and respect
  • to know the names and professional status of those treating you
  • to privacy
  • to confidentiality of information in your records
  • to receive accurate and understandable information about your health
  • to know the significant beneficial effects, side effects and problems of treatment
  • to participate in choosing a form of treatment
  • to receive education and counseling
  • to consent to or refuse any care or treatment
  • to select and /or change your health care provider
  • to review your medical record with a clinician
  • to be informed about services and any related costs
  • to receive appropriate referrals to other providers and services


  • to seek medical attention promptly
  • to give accurate information
  • to ask about anything you do not understand
  • to report any changes in symptoms or failure to improve
  • to respect Health Center policies
  • to treat Health Center staff with courtesy and respect
  • to keep appointments or cancel in a timely manner
  • to seek non-emergency care during regular hours
  • to provide useful feedback about our services
  • to know the names, purposes and effects of medication prescribed to you
  • to pay promptly any bills that you have incurred