Resignation Policy

Unlike a leave of absence from the College, resignation permanently terminates the student’s official relationship with the College. If a student wishes to return to Bowdoin following the completion of a resignation, the student will need to reapply to the College through the regular admissions process as a transfer student.

Students may resign from Bowdoin at any time, however given the permanency of resignation, students are encouraged to discuss their plans thoroughly with advisors, parents, and a dean. A request to resign is not complete until the online Intent to Withdraw Form is completed. Students should also review additional information provided by the Office of the Registrar.

Upon resignation, any tuition and fee refunds will be made in accordance with the College’s refund policy. 

Administrative Resignation

With Notice.  In instances where a student has been away from the College for a minimum of three years (or six semesters), including where a leave period has expired, the College may administratively resign the student.

Prior to the Administrative Resignation, the College will send an email to the student’s Bowdoin account and any other email account of record. The College will also send a letter to the student’s last known mailing address.

The student will have thirty (30) days from the date the email is sent to notify the College of their intention to request re-enrollment at the next opportunity or request to extend a leave. For purposes of administrative resignation, a student may not request to extend their leave more than three times.

Without Notice. If the College confirms, through an office at another institution (e.g., the registrar, academic affairs, or dean of students) that a Bowdoin student on leave has matriculated as a degree-seeking student or that a student has obtained a four-year degree from another institution, Bowdoin may administratively resign that student without notice.