Re-Enrollment Process and Criteria

Any student on leave from the College, including students on medical leave, personal leave, academic suspension, or disciplinary suspension, must request for re-enrollment before the student is permitted to return to Bowdoin.

Students who are eligible to apply for re-enrollment will be notified via their Bowdoin email account by the Office of the Dean of Students and provided instructions for re-enrollment. The Re-enrollment Committee, which is chaired by the Dean of Students or designee, and includes representatives from Admissions, the Office of the Dean of Students, and Residential Life, reviews requests for re-enrollment twice annually.

Letters requesting re-enrollment and supporting materials should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students. Students on any form of leave are typically not eligible to register for classes or make housing arrangements until they have been re-enrolled. Students seeking re-enrollment are notified of the outcome of their petitions by their dean.

Students should be aware that, in addition to other applicable re-enrollment criteria, due to Bowdoin’s enrollment model, no student is guaranteed to be re-enrolled to the College within the timeframe they request.

Typically, a student will be able to participate in course registration for the semester in which they are expected to return upon approval of the request for re-enrollment. Course registration instructions will be sent to their Bowdoin email. Students will be able to participate in the selection of housing after re-enrollment.

Re-enrollment Following Medical Leave

Where a student requests re-enrollment following a medical leave, or where the terms of a student’s leave otherwise require it, the student must also send to the director of health services and/or the director of counseling services and wellness programs a report from the student’s physician and/or health care provider. The report is expected to include discussion of the student’s current health status, course of treatment undergone during the leave, and the student’s compliance with any treatment plan, as well as any specific recommendations for the student and the College with respect to the student’s successful return to Bowdoin. The report will address the following: (a) the student’s readiness to return to the academic and co-curricular demands of college life; (b) the student’s readiness to live on campus; (c) the student’s ongoing treatment needs; (d) the student’s readiness to return to competitive sports, if the student is a collegiate athlete; and (e) any other suggestions that the health care provider deems appropriate.

The student’s health care provider submitting the report must be a licensed physician if the evaluation is regarding medical conditions and must be a licensed mental health provider if evaluating mental health conditions. Further, all providers must be unrelated to the student and must have a specialty and credentials appropriate for the condition(s) of concern. The student is responsible for any cost associated with the provider’s evaluation.

The Re-enrollment Committee will review the information provided by the student and evaluate the appropriateness of the student’s return. The committee may request further information from the student’s health care providers. In order to provide for such requests, the student will be asked to sign and return a limited release form so that those individuals at the College who are involved in evaluating the student’s return may consult with the student’s outside health care provider(s) limited to aiding the College in assessing the student’s readiness to return to campus life and if so, under what conditions. In addition, the director of health services and/or the director of counseling services and wellness programs may also choose to meet with the student as part of the evaluation. The College reserves the right to request an assessment by an outside medical provider, of the College’s choice at the College’s expense, when it believes the circumstances so warrant.

In the event that the student is permitted to return to Bowdoin, the student will speak with their dean before returning in order to discuss the terms of the student’s re-enrollment, including, if appropriate, a discussion of a continuing treatment plan for the student. If such a plan is established, and if the student does not follow the established plan, the College will have the right to revoke its decision to readmit the student and will have the right to require the student to resume their medical leave immediately.