Important Honors Deadlines


Your adherence to the deadlines for the assignments below is expected. (Note: A few deadlines for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors may be different. Students working with Chemistry faculty are expected to adhere to the Chemistry deadlines.)

Plan Ahead
You will iterate several drafts of your oral and written presentations with your advisors. Keep in mind that your advisors have several commitments in addition to their courses and research students. Collaborate with your advisors to develop timelines that are workable for both of you. Make sure one of your peers has given you feedback on your written and oral work before you submit these to your advisors.
Ben Teaching

Important Honors Deadlines:


You are solely responsible for contacting the Department Chair to petition for an extension. To request an extension , you must submit a written petition justifying the need for an extension to the Chemistry Department Chair or Biochemistry Program Director, who will circulate the petition to the faculty for a vote. The need for a petition may be waived by the Chair, in consultation with the research advisor and the Office of Student Affairs, if extreme circumstances (family or medical emergency) exist.