There are a variety of different research awards, fellowships, and grants available to chemistry students interested in conducting research in various fields. Students can either choose to pursue independent on-campus research projects with the assistance of faculty members or participate in intensive research opportunities offered by external institutions and organizations.

Chemistry Department Fellowships

The James Stacy Coles, Littlefield, and Dana Walker Mayo Summer Research Fellowships are funded departmental fellowships that provide students with an exceptional opportunity for hands-on research.  Students submit an application directly to the Chemistry Department. The Dana Walker Mayo fund also provides academic year opportunities.

College-Wide Summer and Academic Year Fellowships

College-wide fellowships are also available to support student research during the summer and academic year.

External Fellowships

A wide variety of institutions offer summer research opportunities in STEM fields.  More information about finding off-campus summer research funding is provided during the Chemistry Department information session in the fall or through the student fellowships office.