Faculty Positions in Chemistry

The Chemistry Department at Bowdoin is committed to the development of students as investigators driven to understand and appreciate foundational principles of chemistry, apply these principles toward solving pressing societal problems (e.g. energy, medicine, environment) and create new knowledge via high-quality research at the frontiers of the field.

Positions in Chemistry

The Department has a history of prioritizing applications from candidates committed to the instruction and support of a diverse student population, and from those who will enrich and contribute to the multifaceted diversity of our College. We value a community in which individuals of all backgrounds are warmly welcomed and encouraged to succeed. A Ph.D. in chemistry or a related field is typically required (ADB will be considered for visiting faculty positions). 

We recognize that recruiting and retaining faculty may involve considerations of spouses and domestic partners. When possible, the College attempts to accommodate and respond creatively to the needs of spouses and partners of members of the faculty.

Current openings:

Assistant Professor Kana Takematsu Teaching

Chemistry Faculty and Staff

We are a supportive community comprised of eleven faculty members, seven laboratory instructors, one instrumentation specialist, one science center technician, and one academic coordinator. Our fields of expertise include analytical, biochemistry, bioorganic, computational, environmental, inorganic, organic, organometallic, and physical chemistry.  Our faculty includes five women and two faculty of color. We are motivated by creating teaching, learning, and research environments where all student have a sense of belonging and thrive. Together we conceive of, brainstorm, modify, and move forward on initiatives emphasizing approaches that are consensus based and inclusive, often fueled by generous amounts of doughnuts, chocolate, cake, and chips.

Students Working in Lab

Laboratory Instructor Partnerships

Our curriculum is strengthened and enhanced by faculty partnership with laboratory instructors in introductory and intermediate courses. We are fortunate to have seven deeply committed laboratory instructors who constantly innovate and help us provide a modern laboratory-based curriculum. The laboratory instructors take the lead in lab preparation, the instruction of the lab and the grading of laboratory exercises. Typically, faculty members and laboratory instructors jointly develop the laboratory curriculum for a course and the laboratory instruction takes the lead in laboratory instruction. With lab instructor support, our aspirational goal is to create authentic, research-like experiences across our laboratory curriculum.

Professor Dube with Research Students

Research with Undergraduate Students

We are motivated by the belief that high-quality research opportunities are an essential component of science education. Our entirely undergraduate research programs create opportunities for students to pursue meaningful research during the academic year and summer, which they pursue while receiving stipends and housing.  Each faculty member has their own dedicated research laboratory created with generous start-up funds from the College. Our faculty have been supported by external grants from the NSF, NIH, Research Corporation, Dreyfus Foundation, and Petroleum Research Fund. We pursue our research programs while fostering a friendly, supportive atmosphere for students to grow.