Maine Memory Network Exhibits

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Maine Memory Network Exhibits

First day at sea on the Bowdoin scientific expedition

Unidentified photographer, Expedition members on board – first day at sea, 1891. Courtesy of the Farnsworth Museum.

Bowdoin College Scientific Expedition to Labrador

This exhibit, curated by Hillary Hooke ’09, resides on the Maine Memory Network and uses images from both The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and The Farnsworth Art Museum. The images document an 1891 expedition to Labrador with twenty Bowdoin students and alumni led by Professor Leslie Lee.

the schooner Bowdoin
Donald Baxter MacMillan, The Bowdoin under sail. Gift of Miriam Look MacMillan.

The Schooner Bowdoin: Ninety Years of Seagoing History

This exhibit, curated by Mildred Goss Jones to mark the 90th anniversary of the launch of Donald B. MacMillan’s schooner Bowdoin, draws on the museum’s extensive collection to document the schooner’s long and illustrious career.