Donor Stories

Women in Philanthropy
Cheryl Coffin
Philanthropic Pioneer
Barbara Gross

Barbara Gross ’77
Gift That Pays Income for Life 

Elizabeth Glaser
Bequest Gift
Ed Good holding up a trophy

Ed Good ’71
Charitable Gift Annuity

Bill Hughes

Bill Hughes ’64
Future Gift Through Estate Plan

Elroy Lascasce

Elroy "Roy" LaCasce, Jr. '44
Estate Plan Provision and                        Bequest of Real Property

John and Wendy Lord John '66 and Wendy Lord
Donor-Advised Fund
Jamie Macmillan

Jamie Macmillan ’80
Future Gift Through Will

Dave Stevenson

Dave Stevenson ’65, P’95
Gifts That Pay Income for Life

Irma and William Thalheimer

Irma and William Thalheimer '27
Retained Life Estate Donor Story

Peter Webster

Peter Webster ’62
Future Gift of Retirement Assets

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